- New -

I just signed contract on another deal – purchased for $148k, needs $7k of work (unless something is wrong with the heater), sell with land contract at $235k!!

I could have taken over the $83k mortgage at 5% but then I would have had to come up with the difference.

When there’s this much equity, I would normally flip this, but I just put a regular mortgage on it, cashed out $30k and will have at least another $30k in equity coming to me when my buyer refis me out – PLUS cash flow of $400.00/month.  If I had flipped this, I would have only made $30k anyway because I would have had to pay holding costs and realtor fees and a little more money over-improving the property to guarantee the sale.  Using the owner-financing method, I still got $30k cash up front (plus a 5% downpayment from the buyer), and will just “bank” the other equity until the buyer refis.

And, I don’t have to stress about market conditions and how long it’s going to take to sell the house because I can do owner financing deals all day long!

Brilliant!...Thank you so much!

This is life changing for me.

Christina Ferris
Ferris Properties, INC.


I can certainly tell you that I have purchased many courses over the past 3 years, from many different "guru's".  Without a doubt your courses are the most "real world" and helpful.  You, William, are far and away the most honest and forthright person, I have ever met in this business. Besides your system really does work!

Gary Meltzer
Mesa, AZ


This is Charles Joyce from OKC.   
I'd like to thank you again for your awesome course.  Prior to that, I'd read a few books and taken another course, but yours really put me on the right track for investing.  I've purchased my first investment property and it was under sub2 and it worked beautifully.  We're currently painting and fixing up.  Your course is without a doubt the reason!
Thanks Again!
Charles Joyce
Oklahoma City, OK    



 I have to say this is really something special that you are willing to share this presentation. I can run through this and visualize everything you said during it. What a great way to reinforce what I learned at the boot camp. You and Steve especially (and John and Hal) are the four best people I have ever met in my 50 years on this earth. Such sincerity, honesty and willingness to share is rare these days. It's difficult to put into words how grateful I am to you guys. You make this world a special place. You rock!

God bless you and your family. I hope you have an incredible RV vacation. Five years from now I hope to be half as successful as you are.

Another One From My Ad!

$180K ARV

$15K Repairs

My price = $83K

Was not sure what the motivation was until after we signed the contract. They have a $15,000 tax lien. I was the first person they called. I picked up the phone. They did not call anyone else. I was out there the same day. Asked them what they wanted they said $83K. I said that works : - )

Thanks for writing your marketing course.

Eddie Kowalski - Baltimore, MD


You have no idea how happy I am to give glowing recommendations on your products. I am dealing away here based on your programs and material. In all honesty I would have to say that besides my wife, two people have impacted me in business. You happen to be one of those two.

It was my great fortune to have had the opportunity to meet you. I am forever grateful to my wife for having bought your subject to material without me having seen it. I'm also lucky that you had had that Saturday seminar as well. It afforded me the chance to see you in person and to purchase your marketing program. Both the course and the material were all you said they would be and more. You have always answered me whenever I had questions and comments.

Most of all I want you to know that your integrity is what I find refreshing and energizing. So thank you so very much for the impact you have had on my life.

Art Gaister - A Plus Property Associates, LLC 


I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me yesterday, it was very beneficial. Just wanted to let you know, I just ordered your marketing (guide book/software) materials and the twelve most frequently asked questions about sub2, today.

Your willingness to help out other real estate investors/entrepreneurs amazes me, as well, as others, I know how busy I feel, with just the little bit of activity I have going on. Probably why your so well respected by others. I really appreciate your sincerity, which is a lacking quality among a lot of people today.

Again, Thank You, and I will keep you posted on my successes as I begin to implement different ideas that I pull from your course materials. Hopefully, I can hit the 20 houses per year mark some day in the near future.


Pat Bruner - IN





I attended your workshop in Phoenix through AZREIA, and I’ve got to say that you have been the most informative, comprehensive speaker/lecturer/teacher on the subject yet. Skeptical as I am, I was really impressed. I bought your book and it was WELL worth the investment!  


Hello William,

This is Steven Washington from Philadelphia, PA (Steve-Philly) the guy who posted in regards to your current marketing campaign. I appreciate you answering my question with promptness. I guess now is a good time to also thank you for all your help in helping me succeed in my real estate endeavors out here in Philadelphia. So far I have managed to wholesale 3 properties and currently have 4 more properties that are already assigned and am just waiting on the title report to come back.

I need to thank you for showing me the way to really market and get those deals in. I studied and studied over and over again your “Extreme Marketing Guidebook”, used your formats (tweaked them slightly) and did some deals. Man, It feels soooooooo good after a closing after you have worked so hard, saw deals crumble, and didn’t give up. I'm getting ready to actually step it up and get that ad in the paper and "LEAVE IT THERE". I have been a little hesitant because it cost so much and I wasn’t making any money but hey I'm willing to give it a shot now. And with 2 closing I have scheduled for this week (Thursday and Friday) I think I made enough off of those to cover my expense for a little while :) So once again I thank you again graciously. I loved your teaching over at Real Deals and I will be attending one of your Sub 2 events in the very near future.

By the way since I was the one student who so diligently inquired about the status of my marketing teacher, maybe my teacher might want to consider shedding some light on the "new found motivated seller".

Best Regards,

Steven Washington (Philadelphia, PA)

Dear William,

Just want to let you know about my best sub2 deal yet!

This mailings went to pre-foreclosures in Tarrant county, 817 this month alone. I mailed out 284 letters (the exact same one in Williams course, “The Extreme Marketing Guidebook”) and received 4 calls so far. The first three did not have any meat on the bone.

The mailing was in two different increments. First 100 went out Tuesday and the rest went out Friday. The ones that went out Friday will not be received till Monday so hope to get more calls. We will see. The people did not ask for a dime, just to save a foreclosure from being on their record and to let them cancel their insurance on the house so they can receive their credit. That’s fine with me. I will call my agent and get that under control. I talked to the mortgage company on Friday and they don’t care if I take over the payments since I am bringing them current so hopefully the "due on sale clause" should not be an issue at all.

This message is not so much to brag (a little I admit) but to let all know that it does work!

This is my sixth sub-2. Thanks William for the knowledge that you are willing to share so openly!

Robert Cast

Greetings William Tingle,

My name is Beverly, aka: Pearl (CA)
Just an email to tell you that...

A Picture Is NOT Worth A Thousand Words!

Now, before you scratch your head thinking that I must of had one too many cups of coffee this morning and that I have lost my marbles, please stay with me on this as I do have a very good point which concerns you 100%, so please bare with me :-)

For years I have tried and tried to get into Real Estate as it had always been my passion to get involved in. I tried taking baby steps and spent yrs online gathering information about every R.E technique out there and putting it to work for me with no success.
I knew I must have been doing something or everything wrong as everything I tried in R.E didn't work no matter what it was, and I did take action for yrs and NADA!

I could of very well given up at that time and accept the fact that my 9 to 5 job was all I would ever accomplish in my life. ... But my gut feeling of becoming successful was so strong that I couldn't quit, I just didn't know how to quit!
I continue to visit your forum for a long time every day, why? I don't know!

And then it happened!! As I was reading the forum one day, I noticed a post by you dated: 08-01-04 At; 22:40 titled: Anniversary (I can never forget that day... the link to this post is below) As I read your post, I experienced the un-explainable.. all I can say is something inside of me was being born as I read the post and within that post there is a sentence that not only was an eye opener to me but when I read it, everything was clear, everything felt just right! I found the missing link! Oh, what a feeling that was.

You see William, for years I have seen thousands of pictures of people's checks making millions in profits from R.E, pictures of their yachts, mansions, exotic vacations etc... and non of those pictures I witnessed most of my life did to me what your WORDS in that post did, specially that sentence which only has 12 words in it!

That's why I strongly believe that " A Picture Is NOT Worth A Thousand Words! "

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Because I believe that you need to know how words can affect people's life... and thanks to those words on your post, I have been successful with my R.E business and have quit my job long time ago, I have freedom and it only took me less than 8 months to become free. I'm not saying that I'm filthy rich, but I had made more money in my R.E biz in 8 months than I did at work in 2 yrs.
I'm now working my way up there to where you are and even though my profits are not that of sub2 nor fixers, I still keep coming back to your forum because that's where it all happened for me, so thanks William for your words.

Oh, and by the way, I liked your post so much that is the first thing I read every day to motivate me and since I had a hard time finding your post every time on the forum, I decided to post it on my web site for others to read as their lives may also change after reading your post like mine did!

So I guess I'm asking for your permission to use your post on my page, as I do read it every day and want to share it with the world :-)

Hope you don't mind as I already have it online and it does state that YOU are the writer of such post.... Please feel free to view it if you wish but make sure you have your speakers turned on and loud! Pay attention to the sentence within your post that changed my life for good, I have bold it on the page....

Here is the link to your post
on my site (if u have problems viewing it, let me know)

Blessed Wishes,

Beverly R.


We have been frequenting your website for the last few months
and we both have a tremendous amount of respect for the way that you
counsel others and run your business. All of the great information on
sub2deals.com has inspired us to finally get off the sidelines, take some action and start investing.

Peace and Blessings,

Pete and Lisa Tamisin

Hi William,

I met you in Baltimore when you were there several weeks ago. I am sure you don't remember me; I introduced myself to you before your evening speech and told you that I thought I had 'invented" Sub2 since I did it myself for my divorce and the handling of the property!!

I attended your Saturday conference and have owed you a note to say that the light bulb went on when you finished your talk telling us the "basics" we needed to get started. . . .cell phone, business cards, ad in paper . . . etc. You have been my "transformational mentor". The one person who actually caused an "AHA" moment to happen.

And ever since that Saturday class I have been having the time of my life!!

Networking, planning, designing cards, bandits, etc. THANK YOU! For taking the time to create your course, “The Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook”. . . . and taking the time to TEACH something so easily that someone like me who can get myself confused with no trouble, can actually GET IT.

It's amazing how simple it IS and how difficult I was making it.

So . . .sincerely . . .thank you. You have REALLY changed my life. I will never be the same. Because on my own I have burning desire and usually take the fearless action that others don't. But not when I feel 'lost'.

And now I am not lost!

Once again. . you are a great teacher. . . your course is so easy for me. . and I thoroughly enjoyed your Saturday class. Keep up the good work, and May God Bless your family and keep you all safe and healthy.


Patty in Delaware

Hi William,

Just thought I'd take a moment and let you know how well your class and books are working for us.

We are active investors and have done sub2deals before. Like a lot of active investors, Betty and I have spent a small fortune, with several Guru's, improving our education level to be better at what we do and provide our clients with a higher level of service.

After all this we decided to attend your “Ultimate Sub2 3-Day Event” this April in Macon and came away totally impressed! We have never seen a more complete, detailed, nuts and bolts, here's the steps to do, course than yours. The forms are there, the directions are there and nothing you held back. Your approach was to educate us not sell us more "stuff". We are already happily applying your methods with success.

The class in Macon was great and we came away feeling we got way more than the costs of getting there.

I hope you realize that you are changing lives, keep up the good work.

Warm regards,

Dave Jackson
Ocala, FL















I just wanted to thank you for the great marketing course and software, “Extreme Marketing Guidebook & Marketing Software”. I bought the materials a few months ago, but finally started to put it together last week. I sent out about 15 pre-foreclosure mailings in my farm area using your software. I sent all of the letters out with my “We buy houses “pens in them. Like you said, make it lumpy and they will probably open the letter. Anyway from that first mailing, I got one phone call with an appointment. The numbers seem to work out, we will see for sure once I can verify that her versions of minor repairs are the same as mine. I can’t wait to see how this works as I increase the people in my database.

P.S. She also complimented and thanked me for the pen.

Great course and software!

Thanks a million!

Scott S. - Baltimore Maryland


If you’ve checked the rest, you’ll know that this one’s the best.

William lays it all out there for you. He gives all the details of how he operates his very successful business. From: how to find (and recognize) deals, to how to write them up and get them settled. He even brings in a handful of folks from his investment team: lawyer, realtor, lenders, IRA expert, etc. Nothing’s left to the imagination. Nothing’s fuzzy. You will know what to do….from start to finish.

And, there are bonuses: he includes all his materials….his Subject To manual, the marketing course, the mailing software. He buys all your meals and loads up a snack and beverage table in the back. You feel like you’re on a cruise ship (without the seasickness).

William calls it the “ultimate” bootcamp. Well, you gotta believe that he did everything he could think of to make it just that.

Thanks, William.

Ron Guy


I met you at the National Real Estate Investing Expo in Las Vegas in February and purchased your “Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook” and have found it to be extremely helpful. We have purchased several properties in the past, but your insight has been instrumental in helping us take our business to a higher level.

I greatly appreciated your straight-forward discussion that you led in Vegas and have learned a great deal from the detailed info in your Ultimate Guidebook.

Thanks again for helping take our business to the next level and I look forward to hearing from you.

Melvin Church
Windsor Bay Properties LLC
Owatonna, MN


I just wanted to say thanks. I just closed on a subject to deal that I resold. The check I received is attached. To those who say it cannot be done "THINK AGAIN". My profit on the deal was in the neighborhood of $60,000.00. I can tell you that every deal I do I try to do subject to.

I had a deal that the seller wanted to close on quickly so I suggested "subject to" and guess what the deal was done in less then a week and then resold in two weeks. It closed within 60 days and we had a profit of over $30,000.00.

I just want to let you know that you do make a difference. May God bless you and your family.

Art Gaister - A Plus Property Associates


Two months ago I was laid off my job after a corporate merger. I was devastated. My wife, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, was very supportive. She told me to take a month off before finding another job since I have not had a vacation in two years.

I always wanted to learn more about real estate investing so I figured I could read a few courses why I was taking my time off before finding another job. This is when I came across your course, “The Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook”. The day I received it I read it cover to cover. I could not believe people would actually deed you their home! Since I already spent the money for the course I figured I might as well try it.

Its been six weeks now and I have purchased 5 properties! My first one was the best. After talking to this gentleman it was clear he did not want to be a landlord any longer. I had my attorney draw up the contracts. The owner was going to sign them Monday at noon. So that weekend before I ran an ad in the local paper: OWNER FINANCE 3-2-2 2k down 850 month.

Monday at noon we signed the papers, Monday at 6:45 PM I had a two thousand dollar deposit in my hand! I bought it for 64,300 Sub-2 with payments of 650 a month. Sold it for $84,000 and payments of $875.00 a month!

I am now two weeks away from having our first child, a boy, and since I have discovered real estate I will no longer have to work 65 hours a week. I will get to see my son grow up!

Thanks William for you course. You have forever changed my life!


Robert Cast


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for taking time out for me. You will never know how much you really helped me. I really appreciate your genuineness, openness, and willingness to share. I am still amazed and in awe of this business. However, after spending time with you I can see why you have been so successful. You know your stuff!

As I proceed forward I can only hope that I will know half as much as you do today. I hope that you will allow me to call on you some more especially for advise and direction as I begin building my own business. That's what has drawn me to your particular Real Estate club, everyone's willingness to share. I only hope that in the near future I will be in the same position of being able to help someone who is just getting started.

Again, Thanks and I hope that the Lord continues to bless you.

Joey J. Macon, GA


I met you at the recent Las Vegas Real Estate Investors Convention. I bought your “Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook” and it is the best Real Estate Cost I have ever purchased! I have purchased some courses for over $5000 and they did not hold a candle to your course.

Your course is "no nonsense" and gets right to the point teaching exactly "How to do the deals", with no BS. All the forms necessary to close the deal are included so all we have to do is go out and write the deals; there are no excuses not to.

My wife especially liked your openness and willingness to share all your information and because of you, she is also getting involved.

Thank you again for the value, honesty and integrity you provide and I look forward to meeting up with you again, soon.

Gary Meltzer

$25,000.00 on a “Subject To” Deal in 30 Days
by Bill Guerra or Bill in Vegas

I bought William Tingle’s “Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook” and am very glad I did. I bought a house sub to this past December 29th, 2004 for approx $192,000. Well I put it under contract the seller had a first for 160k and a second for 30k, think I used about 10 dollars to tie it up. But here was the seller giving me this lovely home with a pool about 1200 sq ft. two car garage in immaculate condition, I mean wonderful drapes, tile floors, marble counter tops, black sharp appliances. So I wanted to give her a little something for all that, just not outta my pocket! So the second was a home equity loan with a remaining balance of 2k left. I told her to take the 2k and pocket it. She did, she felt good and I felt good. Win win! Actually she was expecting nothing. Her motivation was simply to move back to be with her sister, after she secured a second note she could not even afford to hire a realtor.

Originally, I acquired the property to be used as a rental. Only problem is in Vegas you got to get them real cheap to have cash flow. Then thought of lease option so advertised for that then thanks to William’s suggestion in his book to get a real estate looking sign, I did and put it out front then, a buyer called and said they wanted to buy and could close after 5 days. His father was taking out a home equity loan on his home in California. So after a week or two it closed for a sales price of 227k, I had put 2k into it for paint, payments ect. Thus gross profit was about 25k for about 30 days.

$192k contracted to buy the house for
$2k holding and repairs
$227k selling price

Loans were variable and 7% and 10% approx interest with prepayment penalties. Now it was recommended that I not take the house on, and rightfully so as a project to hold, but I had already gave her my word I pretty much would buy it, and got her excited! So what could I do? So I bought it and am I glad I did. Sub To is nice! Thanks for the help William!

Bill Guerra-LV


I just finished your “Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook.” It is by far and away the best real estate book I've read! I just wanted to say thanks.

I read the news forum on Sub2Deals.com daily and also want to thank you for answering all the questions you are asked. It's a big help to beginners like me.

Thanks for everything William.

Dave Sennett
Nashua,NH 03062


Hi William:

Mark Williams here. I have meet you on several instances (Real Deals, MAREIA meetings) and have purchased your “Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook and “Extreme Marketing” course. Your ideas and presentation of material is simply the best.

Others have thanked you more eloquently, but I, too, wish to thank you immensely for your courses and your stamina and insightful answers to all of us that post on your site day in and day out. I can't begin to quantify how much I have learned from you and how much further you have taken my learning curve. I truly appreciate your willingness to share and the straightforward style you possess.

Warmest Regards,

Mark Williams
Shadyside, MD 20764

In May of 2004 I ran across the Sub2Deals website. The interaction between William and the participants on the board impressed me. By June I had decided to get the marketing ramped up so I enlisted William as my mentor. During our initial conversation he actually tried to talk me out of his service because some folks had signed up only to request his advice a couple of times. Honesty and integrity in a mentor and a wealth of knowledge to boot? I need this guy guiding me as I get started. Knowing my own shortcomings I twisted his arm and started with him in July 2004. I wore him out until the last day.

The best money I have spent so far in my short REI career, just above William's courses. He was always there to answer my questions and several times followed up by phone to check on the deals progress. A calming voice with sound advice to this newbie when I was wanting so badly to do my first deal.

Several times I got calls from sellers that I was really excited about. All it took was an email or call to William to get the big picture. Many of the deals were marginal at best but because of my lack of experience seemed like winners. He taught me NOT to become a Motivated Buyer.

Since July of 2004 I have done 3 deals. All cash, but deals the same with pre-tax profits of $62,000 with all leads coming from ideas I got from William's “Extreme Marketing Guidebook”. I receive at least one call every couple of weeks from sellers wanting to deed me their home. But after spending 6 months listening to William and reading his courses none have been deals, but the calls are getting better. When I first contacted William I didn't know a deal from a hole in the ground, but now I can tell within 5 minutes if there is a possible deal there. I will not take a no or low equity deal.

William's mentoring is an outstanding value. You get the best advice from a man who REALLY wants you to succeed and is genuinely happy when you do.

Mike Crow (TX)


Just a short note to say "thank you" for all of the down-to-earth advice on
Sub2deals.com. I have been interested in REI for quite some time now, and a
few years ago even put together a couple of "Lonnie deals" that I did very
well with.

I am a 32 year-old who has been in IT business management for most of my
career, and recently have found myself without work. I have almost always
worked as a contractor to many different firms and just completed an 8 month
contract with a software development firm. Since the completion of that
contract, I have been having some trouble lining up new work so I thought
now is as good of time as any to look at REI more seriously, especially Sub2
deals. I have been studying a lot of good material from other GURUs, however, there has always been a sense that they are somewhat "pie-in-the-sky" in some of their assesments of this business. I found out about you from the REI Place chatroom and began checking out your materials.

The first thing that struck me was your faith and how you seemed to make
that a central part of your business. I too, am a Christian and am glad to
see that Sub2 deals can be made without checking my moral values at the
seller's door. My walk with Christ is the single most important facet of my
existence and I do not want to get into a business where moral compromise is
the game that has to be played.

I have only been at this for 2 weeks and am in the process of writing my
first offer. 3 br, 1.5 bath on a nice corner lot. Home is valued at
$67,000 and he owes $50k on it. The only snafu (which is what led me to the
discussion boards) was that he is about 5 months in arrears on the property
and I didn't know how to handle that. I have since been advised that I
should go ahead agree to make up the arrears and close the deal, and I think
that it would be a wise choice. I stand to make anywhere from $18,000 -
$21,000 when the lease-tenant purchases the home, so it should be a nice

Reading your material has been like a breath of fresh air, and I will
continue to read on. Keep up the great work, and continue to make it known
where you stand in this world, I am sure that there are many others out
there like myself that take heart in your faith.

All the best,

Mark Bebout
Frazeysburg, Ohio

2 Timothy: 1; 7-8


"I had done several Sub2 deals before, so I knew they were do-able with sellers. However, without detailed knowledge of the entire process, I made a few mistakes that discouraged me. Then along comes William with his course that answered many questions. I am back in the Sub2 business!!

And my personal opinion, buying subject to is such a powerful wealth building strategy that it carries big responsibility. If you are irresponsible, or prone to say whatever may sound good (rather than the truth) or you just want to get rich in one day, please stay out. Sub2 is only for the best in the business!!

Your course has been THE most helpful of all the materials I own!

Because of it's step by step, detailed format and the forms.

By the way, how about something on short sales? I'm uneducated in that field and was thinking I need to buy something soon as I'm sure to come across some of these deals.

Kevin Fox

"As a 10-year ad agency veteran, I've read a small library worth of marketing texts and guides.

When it comes to my real estate investing, the one reference book I return to time and again is William Tingle's Extreme Marketing: The Ultimate Marketing Guidebook.

Written by a real-world investor for investors, this book covers the gamut from setting budgets to seller marketing, from telephone and direct mail protocols to buyer marketing, and more. Actual examples-that-work of print ads, fliers, direct mail pieces, and signs. If your budget allows for only one book on marketing your real estate investment business, I suggest you look to The Ultimate Marketing Guidebook. I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion I have - if the product seems too good to be true, it's probably from William Tingle."

Mark Giddings - Investor, Phoenix AZ

Getting started is always quite frightening..."What do I say???", "What do I do???"! I am here to say that it DOES get easier and less frightening as you go. Each time is a new learing experience and you begin to master what to say and then...it simply flows. You have heard this once and I will say it again - you MUST be working with motivated sellers and NEVER try to assume what your seller may want, need or desire. Here is my recent success story to help clarify what I mean!

Recently, I met with a couple who had moved into a new home six months ago while their other one sat empty. Fed up with being unable to sell their home and having to pay 2 mortgages, they called. I had recently sent them a direct mail postcard which led them to seek what other options they may have in selling their home. I met with them, presented them with and ABC offer. A: A cash offer to sell at 80% of value B: Some cash and some owner financing and C: Lease/Option (now, the Sub-to was not for them but it doesn't mean there aren't other ways to work a deal!) I thought for sure they would choose B or C but they came back and simply wanted to be done and wanted A. This was a $40,000 deal and I even got them to kick in a home warranty! A beautiful home that needs no work (it even included a fridge), lots of equity and a very happy couple - the wife gave me a huge hug and said what a relief this was for her and her husband!

The deals are out there! Don't be afraid to insult anyone, afterall a cash offer to buy at 80% of value IS an option and won't work for the mass majority but you never know, it may be the answer someone is looking (of course, there must be some equity available to work with as well)! Yellow padding is a great tool also. Most folks are very visual so I try to give them a nice breakdown on paper that they can absorb - you'll be amazed how they come back and say, "Yes, I looked over those numbers you gave me and it does make a lot of sense, we'd like to work with you...what next?."

A special thanks to William Tingle - an honest voice of reason, a man who truly enjoys investing and helping others to succeed in their endeavors! Happy Investing!

Tamara - SC


You have no idea how happy I am to give glowing recommendations on your products. I am dealing away here based on your programs and material. In all honesty I would have to say that besides my wife, two people have impacted me in business. You happen to be one of those two. It was my great fortune to have had the opportunity to meet you. I am forever grateful to my wife for having bought your subject to material without me having seen it. I'm also lucky that you had had that Saturday seminar as well. It afforded me the chance to see you in person and to purchase your marketing program. Both the course and the material were all you said they would be and more. You have always answered me whenever I had questions and comments. Most of all I want you to know that your integrity is what I find refreshing and energizing. So thank you so very much for the impact you have had on my life.

Art Gaister
A Plus Property Associates, LLC


I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me yesterday, it was very beneficial. Just wanted to let you know, I just ordered your marketing (guide book/software) materials and the twelve most frequently asked questions about sub2, today.

Your willingness to help out other real estate investors/entrepreneurs amazes me, as well, as others, I know how busy I feel, with just the little bit of activity I have going on. Probably why you’re so well respected by others. I really appreciate your sincerity, which is a lacking quality among a lot of people today.

Again, Thank You, and I will keep you posted on my successes as I begin to implement different ideas that I pull from your course materials. Hopefully, I can hit the 20 houses per year mark some day in the near future.


Pat Bruner - IN


I just want to say thanks for all of the insights and information you provide in your “Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook”. I have to say that I was skeptical that such an inexpensive course would offer much substance, but yours is one of the best. I have jump-started my business, doing 5 deals in 8 months, but I am ready to crank it into high gear and your Sub2 course (as well as the “Extreme Marketing Guidebook”) is incredible. Many thanks for writing it and offering it at a reasonable price!

Marcus Lackey
Allied Property Group, LLC
Alexandria, VA 22314

I must say that you
Marketing Software is great. At first I was kind of worried I would'nt be able to figure it out, but I've been getting the hang of it. I'm using maybe 5% of it's capabilities right now and it has been a huge help. Image when I have it mastered!

The software just makes everything so easy! I remember when I first started mailings I would go in and have to type each address in and each possible sellers name into every letter. No more mass typing for me. Just mass mailing.

Thanks William!

Nick R.


"I am really enjoying the course. I continue to re-read all the text on dealing with sellers and ways of finding deals. The course is really easy and fun to read, the explanations come across clearly. I am enjoying the stories of all the deals that you speak about. You say in the course that you are not going to speak extensively about negotiations, but your attitude when you go into a negotiation is clearly illustrated and conveyed in your individual stories of the deals.

I refer to your course over and over again to understand the title process, to improve and refine my mailings and to generate new ideas to target prospects. After reading the course I suggested putting the table of contents up on your site. For those who do not own the course take a look at the Table of Contents. It gives you an accurate idea of all the subjects covered. It was packed with info and not filler. I knew you and your reputation prior to reading it and so I expected a lot. I can honestly say it far exceeded my already high expectations."

All the best,

dave (bal'mer)

"I've said it once, and I'll say it again...William's The Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook is THE best real estate course I've ever gotten my hands on! And I can honestly say that I've gotten them on quite a few.

What William has provided in his sub2 course contains virtually anything and EVERYTHING you will need to know to get your subject-to business off and running. From real life actual deals to writing goals, marketing methods, taking calls, negotiating, signing the deal, insurance issues, selling......it's all here in completion.

He has also more than once gone out of his way to help me in various situations.

William, you and the service that you have provided to those wanting to succeed in real estate as well as in life has been a God-send.

Thank you."

Jason Williams / Alabama

"I just got your course in the mail yesterday and I've already read it twice.

Why twice?

Because there were so many wonderful tidbits of information that I missed the first time. I will be going back for a third read tomorrow just to make sure my notes are complete. Not only is the course well written and easy to read, it is extremely informative. It lays out every step for you in plain english, provides all of the necessary forms and even provides examples (with pictures) throughout. It is the perfect book for new investors, like myself, yet so packed with useful information that even a seasoned Sub-2 investor would learn a lot. As per Williams instructions, I've got my lists and I'm working them and soon I will be posting a success story to go along with this course testimonial.

There was only one problem... Foreclosure Letter #2 baffled me. I posted a question about it on the newsgroup and within hours I had a response that opened my eyes to the brilliance behind it. So brilliant that my first batch of direct mailings are going out tomorrow using that format! No where else can you get that kind of support, all you questions answered by "The Man" himself within hours.

I can't say enough about the course and I can't thank you enough, William!"

Mike (NC)

"I can hardly wait for my book to come in! William, before your book was out you taught me how to do a sub2 deal and even went above and beyond to answer every one of my questions AND you even piled on the encouragement that so many early investors need to break through that wall of fear.

Soon after you showed me how I got "the call". Divorced woman, left with a vacant home, can’t make the next payment, just needing some real help. She had a 3/2 worth 95k, owed 72k. All I did was exactly what William teaches in his book and I got the house, sold it soon after, made 21k profit, and to this day the best part is I’m happy with the profit, my buyer loves her new home, and my seller (with tears of joy) has avoided foreclosure and bankruptcy. This is win-win-win!"

Todd McGinnis - Investor - Cochran, GA

 "William - Your "Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook" is absolutely fabulous! I simply couldn't believe the density of valuable content. Now you know me, William, I've been around the block and have checked out just about every real estate product on the market. It's part of my job as the Exec. Director of our local real estate investment club. Anyway, I just have to say that your product is a "Must Have" for both new and seasoned investors alike. Not only does it have TONS of real world examples, the forms and resource information is top drawer! And... I can prove it!

During a recent consulting session with one of our club members who was working through a challenging Sub 2 opportunity, I asked him where he learned so much about the A to Zs of the process. He said "from William Tingle's Sub2 manual." He went on to share how your fun stories and step by step instructions gave him all the confidence he needed to finally take action. Well, needless to say, Lionel's deal is about to close and all I did really did was support the techniques you'd already introduced.

Bottom line: You are a good man with a good heart who knows his business, and has generously shared his expertise with us all. Your kindness and wealth of support have made a BIG difference in the lives of many, and I have no doubt will continue to do so. Thank you so much for being such a bright light along the road to success."

Barbara Karnes, Exec. Director, Long Island Investors Group (REIA)


"I got your book today at noon and couldn't put it down! I had it read by 9pm. All I can say is WOW! 

William, your systems and advertising and lead generating ideas are just fantastic! I can see why you are so successful! I would have paid 10x more for the information you give in this book!

Super fast shipping to. I woke up today excited that I would get your book this week..( I was hoping by Wed ) and soon after there was the UPS man. What a good day. I cant wait to read it again and again! : ) 

Thanks so much!"

Jill S. - Investor - West Lafeyette, IN

"I have purchased several courses on Real Estate Investing, and on subject-to acquisitions.

The material in William's manual is very complete. I highly recommend it to anyone interested not only in learning how to execute sub-to deals, but also experienced investors seeking to expand their knowledge base.

Having done a few sub-to deals, I feel William's material will be the catalyst to take my sub-to investing to the next level. It covers the sub-to process from A to Z. It's a "must have" in your real estate investor's library." 

Barry M.- MD Investor  


"I have several courses on subject2 and I must say William's course shot to the top of the list. It is very well presented in detailed steps. I have incorporated several things from his course in my business. 

Having William on your team through his course and his website accessibility will vastly improve your chances of success." 

David Vick
Gulfport, Mississippi

"I've taken many courses, and read many manuals. I've spent a small fortune educating myself about all aspects of R.E. creative investing. William Tingle is GREAT! His manual is very detailed and easy to understand. He's the best at explaining "subject to." He also covers in great detail every aspect to get you started and going (from marketing that works to your exit strategies)."

J.R. Massachusetts

"William, I am writing to let you know how impressed I was with your course on the topic of subject 2. I have done a few real estate deals successfully, but now realize there is a better and more profitable way to do this business. Thanks for providing a course that gives one a comprehensive understanding of how to do the subject 2 kind of deals from start to finish." 

Jim L, Florida

"I have personally witnessed William develop his unique system of getting the deed over the past four years.  He is simply the best negotiator I’ve ever met.  If you are searching for a course that lays out a step-by-step roadmap for getting seller’s to give you their property, this is the one you need.   I’ve read just about every course and book on the market in the area of “subject to” investing and nothing compares to William’s material. You won’t find him on late night TV or traveling the country every weekend giving seminars.  Instead, he is out on the street using his “subject to” system to acquire several properties each month in our local area.  I’ve personally ! used the techniques he teaches to acquire over 30 properties in the past 3 years. They work here and will work anywhere in the country. If you are serious about making money in real estate, you can’t afford not to have this course.  If you will use the strategies he teaches, this course will undoubtedly be the best investment you have ever made."

Steve Case – Investor 
Warner Robins , GA

"Having been a Florida Real Estate Broker for 24 years, I was first exposed to "Subject To" in the early 80's; however, no one ever took the time to find out the real details as the State Realtor contract was written with the line...Subject To and Assumption of Loan. Now the State contracts don't even have that wording any longer.  After reading William Tingle's book "The Ultimate Sub-2 Guidebook", I feel that it covers the material in an easy to understand fashion, and explains away some of the taboo's of the industry.  In particular, I found the forms being in Word Format a great help.  Although some of the forms may not be in accordance with each State's particular laws, they can be changed to suit your needs, as I did in my case.  The price is hard to beat for what you get, and having William available to answer questions by e-mail is comforting when you get stumped on an item. I definitely endorse this course."
Bill Perin - Sarasota, Florida

"If you’re looking for a “business in a box”, you’ve found it.  William lays out the whole process:  how to find motivated sellers, negotiate the deals, write up the paperwork, and re-sell it.  He gives you detailed, comprehensive instructions, including real-life examples of deals he’s done.  He includes all the paperwork you’ll need, including forms, marketing letters, ads, etc.  And, if that’s not enough, he’s got a website where you can ask (and get answers for) any specific questions you might have.  I’ve been doing rehabs full-time for six years, but now it’s time to start making some easier money.  

Thanks, William."

Ron Guy - Investor - Baltimore, MD

"Over the years, I have bought or attended just about everybody's real estate course. In fact, I have spent over $15,000 on courses, classes, seminars, boot camps, books, and tapes. And you know what? If I could only keep one course, my no-brainer choice would be William Tingle's "Ultimate Sub2." It's very complete, extremely well written, and totally free of fluff and BS--a real rarity these days. I haven't seen anybody else provide so much value for so few bucks. This is the one course you don't want to miss."

"Thanks again for doing a great job, William!"

Dr. Frank B. Smoot, DD, MA
Owner of Real Estate Solutions, LLC, Ocala, FL


“This is an absolutely fabulous book. As a new investor interested in Sub-2 investing, I was looking for a book just like this. It is incredibly complete and walks through all steps and many scenarios including forms to use. I am absolutely ready to move forward with my new career and have all the tools I need with William's book. An absolute MUST READ!”

Keith Pierce – Jacksonville, FL

"There are so many self-proclaimed gurus popping out of the woodwork these days that it's hard to know who is for real. William Tingle is the REAL DEAL. He is one of the few, hands-on investors that does real deals and walks his talk. Read anything he writes and listen to everything he says." 

Attorney William Bronchick - Aurora, CO

“I have said it in the past, and I will say it again. There is no one in this country better in the Subject-To arena of real estate investing than William Tingle. He has built the best business model for investing in this field of anyone else I know.

In addition to that, William is an investor who upholds the highest standards of ethics and morals, something that I rarely find from others.

I’m proud to call William a friend of mine and I would highly recommend his teaching to EVERYONE!”

Stephen Cook – Investor / Author - Baltimore, MD

"William’s contribution to the Subject-To arena is long over due. I'm glad he finally decided to put what's in his head into a format the rest of us can benefit from. William’s expertise and contribution to the field of Subject-To will absolutely guarantee the serious and novice investor an exciting and amazing method of generating income that is simply hard to believe unless you are actively involved. I remember when no one really quite understood what or how he was doing it, including me, but were in awe of his phenomenal success. I would absolutely recommend this course to everyone that is serious about real estate and to consider this information as a must have. It's a tool they cannot afford to be without! It would be like a carpenter without his saw!

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, I have no doubt of this courses’ place on the shelves of all serious investors.” 

Mark Root - Investor - Lancaster, Oh

“This is by far the best Subject-To course that I have ever seen. As a new investor, I was focusing on flipping and wholesaling but this course has added a whole new dimension. It is easy to follow, easy to understand and the best part is, it is realistic and doable, not just a bunch of “pie in the sky” like some other material. Just follow the outline and success is not far behind.

All I want to know is what took you so long. It is AWESOME! Thanks!”

WJ Lowe III - Real Estate Agent & Investor - Macon, GA

“Right now there are just a handful of investors that I read everything they post. William is definitely one of those. I feel I have a fair amount of knowledge on the matter of “Subject To” since I average around 20 deals or so a year. William is my FIRST go to person when I have a question. His course will give you A-Z on knowledge and won't take all of your money...”

Terry Wygal – Investor – Houston, TX


“William has personally helped and guided me in the process of becoming a full time real estate investor in a very short time. The methods and techniques he teaches along with your own diligence and creative thinking will surely bring you the same success.

Read the book, apply the knowledge and reap the rewards!”

Darren Howell – Investor – Macon, GA 


”William, I would like to say how much I appreciate you and your "Sub2" web site. I found your site through a mutual friend and I have been thankful that he shared his information with me. I now have the confidence that if I get into a situation or deal that I don't know how to handle, I have a point of contact....YOU and the newsgroup that I can call on or email to help with my dilemma. 

I would recommend to anyone that is interested in learning how to acquire property and free themselves from the daily grind, to log on to your site and begin to read...or better yet BUY your book (I'm on the waiting list). I know my encounter with you has been a gift from my BEST FRIEND, Jesus Christ, in helping me learn more and more about this business. I am glad that I have met you before you become the "guru" that you are destined to be...this way I can say I knew William, when....”

Many blessings to you,

Thomas "3M" Brown – Investor – Atlanta, GA


“I must say that your course is one of the most completed courses out there regarding “subject to” investing. My hat is off to you. Even though we have never met personally I can tell that you are a person of real INTEGRITY when it comes to this business. It’s really nice to see that in this field of investing. Great course and I hope everyone gets alot of information out of it. 

May GOD prosper your business.”

Jonathan Rexford – Investor – FL

“Let me be the first to spread kudos here. I've just spent a good part of yesterday going over everything from top to bottom, and I must say I am impressed!

It's organized in a logical sequence of what actually happens in the process, along with asides and explanations of why and how for each step. I think your course should be a must for anyone wanting to invest in real estate using the Subject To technique.

Being a somewhat experienced investor myself, I recognized and must commend you for not using La La Seminar Dreamland examples. Your material is what actually happens in the real world. And regardless of one's experience, any person will benefit as just one small idea can mean thousands at closing time. 

Again, let me congratulate you, as well as thank you on behalf of many investors!”

Gerald – Investor – TX

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