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Owner Financing

Gerald Paul was an incredible investor and a close friend of mine. He achieved great wealth using Sub2 for acquisition and owner financing to sell.

Gerald and I did a free teleconference in November 2007 where he shared some of his tips and secrets for turning single family homes into money machines. When a guy who makes the kind of money Gerald made tells you something for free, you had better listen.

He was an incredible guy with alot of wisdom to share and I will miss him alot.

Listen to our teleconference HERE

For a goldmine of real estate information with a focus on owner financing, do a search in the Newsgroup for gerald(tx). You will find every post from this great investor from December 03 until his last post on March 20, 2008.

Land Trusts

What is a Land Trust? What do they do? How do they work? Should I use one?

Watch HERE as my good friend and collegue William Bronchick explains in this 30 minute video exactly what a Title Holding Land Trust is and how it works.

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