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Sellers Market

Posted by: RedBaron
Posted on : 10/1/2013 10:07:04 PM

I am just getting back into sub2 after a LONG break.
I just had a realtor pull all expired listings for the last 30 days in my metro area of about 1M people. My criteria was the typical starter home (3/2/2), average price range that would likely be in a decent neighborhood. There are not many questionable neighborhoods at all in my area. There were only a handful of expireds. This realtor said there is low inventory and all decent homes are selling quickly, within a few days. It is a good sellers market here right now. What do you all think of the possibilities of starting more marketing, including direct mail and getting a good enough response to buy a house (or two) a month? I put out some bandit signs a few weekends ago and didn't get a single call. This can happen, but usually I get at least one tire kicker. On the flip side, I know that there is a good demand from buyers for L/O houses. Finding the buyers will be a lot easier than the motivated sellers.

What you all think?


Re:Sellers Market

Posted by: WilliamGA Still Master of ALL I Survey
Posted on : 11/7/2013 1:23:38 PM


This is a really good example of why I recommend having no less than 10 marketing methods going at all times.

If one trickles down to nothing, the others still produce a steady flow of leads to get you the number of deals you want each month.

Bandit signs, targeted mailings, expired and soon to expire listings, flyers, magnetics, business cards, door knocking...all of these things, and more, have a place.

Even in the best sellers market, I have never had trouble closing a couple of deals a month if that was what I wanted.

Keep the marketing machine going at all times, busy or slow. It is alot easier, and cheaper, to maintain the flow that restart it later.

William Tingle


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