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Carpet Installation Referral

Posted by: kdye43
Posted on : 7/10/2012 5:47:20 PM

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here that's in the Atlanta area could recommend a reliable and inexpensive Carpet installer. If you could recommend a good carpet wholesaler that would help me out also. This is needed for one of my rental properties.


I hope I'm not out of line by asking for this. If I am, please forgive me.



Re:Carpet Installation Referral

Posted by: WilliamGA Still Master of ALL I Survey
Posted on : 7/10/2012 8:10:21 PM


Of course you are not out of line asking for help. This is the purpose of this board.

I cannot recommend an installer in the ATL area as I never really bought there. It was too far away from my target area at the time.

My, how things change!

I am going to recommend that you contact Buddy Corbin at North Metro REIA. He is an active investor and Realtor as well as founder of THE most awesome real estate club in Cartersville, GA.

In addition, he is just plain one of the good guys.

His number is: 770-573-2143. His email is: BuddyCorbin@NorthMetroREIA.com

I suspect he can steer you toward a good, reliable installer and if not, I am sure he can direct you to someone that can.

Never hesitate to ask for any help you may need on this board.

William Tingle


Re:Carpet Installation Referral

Posted by: kdye43
Posted on : 7/10/2012 9:59:36 PM

Thanks William!


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