William is available for coaching & consulting on a limited basis. For more information contact him at:

Testimonials from people William has coached:

“William has personally helped and guided me in the process of becoming a full time real estate investor in a very short time. The methods and techniques he teaches along with your own diligence and creative thinking will surely bring you the same success.

Read the book, apply the knowledge and reap the rewards!”

Darren Howell – Investor – Macon, GA 


My name is Jeff Hegman and this is an open letter to anyone who wants to take years off his or her learning curve. I was recently blessed with an opportunity to be tutored by William Tingle in his coaching program. For anyone who asks the question ”does this stuff really work” your doubts will be erased forever. I visited Macon, GA for three days and watched, William perform his magic. William taught me the art of the “Subject To” business from top to bottom.

Some of the things, William taught me just to name a few were:

· Marketing Ideas
· Screening seller’s calls (This was a big one for me.)
· Talking with sellers face to face
· How to set up your business
· How to setup your office
· Finding contractors to do your work
· What type of materials to use and where to find them
· Finding buyers
· Screening tenant /buyers for your homes

And not to mention the millions of other questions I came armed with.

Oh yea did I mention that I was able to watch, William purchase two properties in a matter of about 3 hours time for around $35,000.00 in profit on my second day?

I was amazed at how he was able to get the seller on the second deal (this was a wholesale flip) to drop his price a huge 50% in just a few seconds on the phone and then drop it $5,000.00 more after he looked at the property.

William took me and showed me what a real motivated seller looked like, and what really blew my mind was the look of relief on the sellers face when he signed the contract and was relieved of his problem forever. I would highly recommend William’s coaching program to anyone who wants to cut years off his or her learning curve. I know that William’s coaching has cut years off mine and is just a matter of time before I pull off my first deal.

William gave me the knowledge and confidence I’ll need to succeed in this business and I will be forever grateful to him.

There is one important thing you’ll need to understand: “This program is all business” It’s not a vacation or a party, so don’t treat it as such. This is high impact education, so be prepared to learn, bring lots of note pads tape recorder, and a wiliness to learn a lot in a short period of time.

Once again, thank you William, for giving me the knowledge to succeed.

Jeff Hegman - Future Millionaire Real Estate Investor – Milwaukee, WI

William is available for coaching & consulting on a limited basis. For more information contact him at:

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